QSAN XCube NAS İşletim Sistemi QSM 3.2 Duyurdu

QSAN XCube NAS İşletim Sistemi QSM 3.2 Duyurdu
26 Kasım 2019 Salı

QSAN Releases QSM3.2 for XCubeNAS
November 13 , 2019

Taipei City, Taiwan – November 13, 2019 –QSAN Technology Inc., an enterprise data storage manufacturer, today has unveiled the new QSM 3.2 OS for XCubeNAS series. QSM 3.2 brings an overall system enhancement, including better system resource allocation, performance improvement for large file, backup and synchronization, and support RESTFUL API.

" In QSM 3.2, we dig into storage core and provide customer a faster and trustful storage system, guarantee the system performance and reliable service under heavy workload.” said Phil Tai, Product Management Director for QSAN “and the support of RESTFUL API helps customers spend relatively less time and cost on storage management."

Key Specification

  • Accurate system resource control: QSM 3.2 uses memory more efficiently, guarantees consistent performance and stability even under heavy workload.
  • Faster Large file handling speed: Enhanced the algorithm for large file handling and significantly improve the performance on high-end system.
  • Accelerated rebuild performance: Rebuilding time is greatly reduced by 180%. Bring the system back to normal status with the lowest exposure to risk for important data.
  • Faster backup and synchronization speed: Improved Rsync and XMirror transmission speed is 150% faster. With a refined software design, QSM 3.2 completes file synchronization in a shorter period of time for massive number of files or large size files.
  • RESTFUL API support: QSM 3.2 provides the standard RESTFUL API. XCubeNAS can be deployed into the existing IT management system, let IT managers continuous use the existing management tool, which considerably reduce the learning cost for organizations.

How to get it

1.Go to XCubeNAS control panel and click update. 2. Download here
Please experience our QSM 3.2 at XCubeNAS Demo Site. Learn more about QSM 3.2, check our QSM introduction page here.
About QSAN
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